Getting Started

The Steps To Planning A Project

The undertaking of a new remodel or addition can seem very daunting. There are several factors and consideration that you need to address before beginning any project. Below is a simple planning guideline to follow and consider when approaching a new project.

  • What are you trying to accomplish with this project? What are the goals? (Bigger kitchen, more space, backyard entertainment, updated bathroom, etc.)
  • Determine your personal budget for the project. Either determine a budget and stick to it, or design to your specifications if budget is not an issue
  • Determine who you are going to work with and make sure you feel comfortable with them and their employees
  • Know your option regarding who you will be working with
  • Devote the necessary time to meeting and make sure you have gathered all useful information, including: Materials you are considering, pictures of products or projects you like, site plans for property, drawings of ideas, etc.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you have an enjoyable outcome. Making sure that communication and understanding is met from the beginning will avoid any problems.