Why Choose Precision?

Extreme Level Customizabilty

Custom building and remodeling is less scripted than a production or commercial services, because there are no pre-defined choices or menus to choose from. You’ll be more involved in the process and have the opportunity to make many decisions. You can provide considerable input on design and pick from nearly any product in a category – within your budget, of course. Given the many choices involved, it’s not unusual for homeowners to experience a few more emotional ups and downs during their remodeling project journey. That said, knowing what to expect at each stage – and especially what choices you’ll make and when – can make your custom project process smooth and result in the outcome you’ve always dreamed about.

We have extensive Experience

Experience translates into peace of mind and satisfaction throughout the building process. We will meet your requirements for space and function, as well as design and budget. Our skilled home designers and home builders in Grand Rapids have the expertise to design and build a beautifully crafted deck, new kitchen, new sun room or a complete home remodel.

We are competitively priced.

We know the market is competitive. We use realistic allowances as defined through our knowledge of your needs from the beginning of the project. Our clients know their cost before construction begins. The result? Commitment to your satisfaction adds value you may not find elsewhere.

Quality creates value

Quality goes beyond the right materials and good craftsmanship. We value smart design, working on schedule and delivering on budget. It what sets us apart from others. When that happens you get a great return on your investment.

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